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 new coolection مجموعة ألعاب تلبيس جميلة

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PostSubject: new coolection مجموعة ألعاب تلبيس جميلة   Wed May 20, 2009 11:17 am

ألعاب جميلة ياريت تعبكم
انزل لأسفل

2009 Shopping

When the discount season starts Sally is up and ready to renew her clothing collection - time to go shopping.

Play now

 ألعب الآن

Cute Giraffe 
تلبيس الزرافة


Dressing up for a new day out in the Savannah is always fun - what clothes and items will you pick for her?

Play now
   ألعب الآن

Zac Efron Make Up

Dress up Zac Efron and also give him a
nice makeover - can you make him look even better
than he already does?

Play now 

ألعب الآن

Hair 2

You run the most popular teen
hairstyling saloon in all of Hollywood - can you
keep it up when things get crowded?

Play now 

Sunset Dress Up

Enjoy a spectacular sunset with some even more spectacular fashion choices. It's dress up time!

Play now
ألعب الآن

Baby Care Rush

The babies keep coming in and you're all alone - can you take care of all of them? It's not going to be easy.

Play Now
ألعب الآن

Lady Magician

A sharp suit and some nice colors will always help in getting the magic tricks to look better on stage. Dress up the Magician Lady right now!

Play now


Make Me Pretty

Can you turn an ugly dorky looking girl into a real fashion icon and modern day princess?

Play now

Warrior Princess

Atena is a stunning beauty but she is also one of the bravest warriors in her kingdom. Dress her up!

Play now

Visiting Paris

Being in the capital of fashion requires special attention when dressing up - you can't look bad in Paris!

Play here

Baby Dress Up

This toddler has a taste for fashion, even from this early age. Check out her wonderful clothes and dress her up.

Play here

Jockey girl dress up game.

Jockey Girl

Clara is a great jockey and she spends a lot of time with White Rose, her favorite horse.

Play here

Princess Bride

It's wedding time at the castle and Princess Karina is more beautiful then ever. Pick the best wedding gown for her.

Play Here

Harley Girl

It's time to ride that awesome motorcycle, but you need clothes to match! Help the girl choose the nicest clothes.

Play here

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new coolection مجموعة ألعاب تلبيس جميلة
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